ExhilarationThe state of being stimulated, refreshed or elated.

This is how people should feel about your products, services or ideas. For that to happen, your message must be compelling, understandable and consistent. You must clearly show why people should listen to or buy from you. In other words, you must tell a great story.

We’ll use a variety of tools and techniques as we go through the steps of building your story. While some of this may take a little time, we’ll make the process enjoyable, even fun! Along the way, we’ll likely uncover new ideas and inspiration. I think you’ll find that the results are well worth the effort.

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Define Message

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Build Tools

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Design Strategy

Each situation is a little different and you may not need every part of what we offer. It might be we do things in stages over time. We'll customize things to fit your needs.

With the above in mind, following is an overview of what to expect . . .

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Defining your message is the foundation and we’ll start with clarifying goals. This means not only for the business and specific products & services, but your personal aspirations as well. What do most enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? The idea is to establish where you really want to go and build a roadmap to get there.

Next, we’ll dig into your products & services and identify what makes them unique and appealing to your audience. This includes understanding your business, industry and competition. Why should people choose you?

As we pull all this together, we’ll build your story. This will include your overall message, mission and purpose. Why you do what you do and why people should care.

Along the way, we’ll also identify what exhilarates you. In many ways, this is the most important part. A long time ago, someone said to me “people don’t buy because THEY believe, they buy because YOU believe.” It’s important that you are enthusiastic about what you're doing. That’s what attracts and engages people. We’ll uncover that energy and how best to talk about it. Get ready to rock!

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    Identifying Goals

    Refine where you want to go.

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    Uncovering Uniqueness

    Why you're outstanding.

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    Great ideas discovered here.

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    Mind Mapping

    Tie ideas together.

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    Building Story

    Powerful & engaging.

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Now that we’ve got your story down, we need ways to tell it effectively. This can take many forms and usually starts with content for your website. Great copy, images and graphics are all essential in generating interest and understanding. We may also want printed collateral like brochures, fact sheets and case studies.

Within your facility, digital signage is a powerful way to communicate with  customers, visitors and staff. We'll make sure it's dynamic and engaging.

Do you often meet with potential customers in sales situations? A strong presentation can really move your audience and a powerful product demonstration will cause them to take action. We’ll create slide decks and demos to get the job done.

At conferences, trade shows, networking events, wherever you are, you need a quick way to share what you do. Sometimes called an elevator pitch, this should stimulate people to want to know more. We’ll work with an approach I call “coming down the mountain” to create a way to effectively connect with people in any situation.

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    Website Content

    Copy & visuals.

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    Digital Signage Content

    Messaging & visuals.

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    Face-to-face story delivery.

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    Elevator Pitch

    Be prepared wherever you are.

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    Marketing Collateral

    Print & digital.

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Here is where we build an action plan to share your message with the world. This includes an analysis of your particular arena and the most effective ways to proactively spread the word.

Do you have a sales team? We’ll get into how to use your story to deliver powerful presentations and product demonstrations. We’ll look at leveraging efforts through third-party influencers. We’ll establish the optimal sales cycle and how best to track and manage the process.

What about the rest of your crew? You want to get your people on board with your message, mission and purpose. The importance of generating enthusiasm within cannot be overstated. This involves regular, ongoing communications and may also mean a little internal training.

We’ll work though all of these areas and more to design an overall strategy to most effectively share your story – both in the marketplace and inside your organization.

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    Market Analysis

    The particulars of your arena.

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    Sales Efforts

    Powerful presentation & demo.

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    Internal Training

    Energize your team.

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    Forward Strategy

    Put the plan in place.

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    Ongoing Interaction.

    Periodic updating when needed.