So what's your specialty?

My expertise is in creating and delivering a compelling story based on the message you are trying to get across. Some may call this marketing or maybe a part of branding, but I do this from a sales perspective. This comes from many years of first-hand experience selling products and services. I’ve learned, often through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. So this isn’t just marketing theory, it’s real-world knowledge of how important it is to have a good story along with the tools, both online and face-to-face, to tell it effectively.

How long have you been doing this?

Well, I’ve been in sales & marketing in the technology arena since the prehistoric days of floppy discs and HUGE 20 MB hard drives. For the past couple of decades, I’ve led teams, created business development strategies and done so many presentations that my laptop howled in protest. I’ve been out in the trenches doing product demos, spent hours obsessing over just the right look of a slide deck and shaken countless hands at trade shows. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot (some of it the hard way) about effectively getting a message across.

You say "we" sometimes. Who is the "we" of AhaniDesign?

I’m usually referring to you and me and how we work together to build your story, materials and strategy. This often involves others on your team too. It can also include specialists I bring in to collaborate on particular aspects of your project. Finally, it includes my dog, Rudy. He primarily takes care of lying in the sun and keeping the squirrels out of the backyard so I can concentrate on designing your great story.

Who is your ideal client?

I’ve worked for and with giant Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and startups. One thing they all have in common is the need to tell a good story. Of course, specifics will vary, but if you’ve ever had thoughts like . . .

  • I know we have a great product, but I'm not sure we're getting that across to people
  • I'm new to the marketplace and want to spread the word
  • I need some good tools - like a powerful presentation
  • I've never been involved in marketing or sales and could use some help with all this
  • I like working with people who have dogs on their payroll
How do you help me on an ongoing basis?

Once we define your story and create the initial materials and strategy, I can work with you in several more ways. This may include creating additional content for your website, internal communications & training for your team, creating customer resources or building your thought leadership position. In certain situations, I can also carry out sales and marketing activity.

Where did the name Ahani come from?

On the fictional island of Alumanaya, the people compare types of winds to various aspects of life. A light Ahani breeze is likened to any pleasant experience. That’s my goal for you (and me) in going through this process – it should be like an Ahani breeze. If you want to learn more about the island and ideas on creative imagination & tropical tranquility just ask – I love talking about an Island Perspective!

So, any last words on all this?

I know we’ve talked a lot about selling products & services and promoting ideas. It’s easy to to get caught up in trying to make things happen, eke out a little more revenue, a little more profit. Yes, creating a good story is essential in getting your audience to take the actions you are hoping for. But there’s more to it than that. The process of creating your story takes you into defining your goals, mission and purpose. This reminds you of why you’re doing it all and reinvigorates your excitement and passion. The result is not only more success in the marketplace, but more importantly, can lead to a greater sense of satisfaction. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about – feeling good about what you do day in and day out? I want to help you with that. Let’s talk.

Okay, I'm ready to take the next step. Now what?

I’ll need to get an idea of what you’re wanting. Ideally, we’ll meet in person. But if that’s not practical, the next best way is a phone call. Go to the Contact page and let me know how to get in touch. I’ll get back with you to set up a time when we can talk. I believe in personal contact and don’t think simply filling out a form is the best way to communicate ideas. You’ll get at least 30 minutes of pleasant conversation & maybe even some new insights. If it turns out we’re not the best fit, I’ll try to direct you to other resources. It won’t be time wasted.